Leather bound sketchbook

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Leather bound book

Leather book blank greyish blue

Hardcover book made of cowhide.

Made in our worshop.
Size approx. height 15 cm, width 10 cm, spine approx. 2,5 cm.
The book can be locked with a Goatleather ribbon and wrapped around the sides several times.

The bead is felt.

Double fold of 120 sheets inlay craft made in Italy.

The handy paper is versatile and suitable for

e.g. pencil, crayon, biros, pastel chalk, charcoal pencil, gel pencils,  ink.

Each handmade leather book is unique.
Surface texture and colour may vary.
This does not constitute a reduction in quality.
Leather is a natural product.

We will gladly send you more detailed photos.

Size approx.: 15 cm x 10 cm x 2,5 cm

weight approx.: 210 g

Number of leaves approx.: 120

colour: greyish blue