About us




The designs and prototypes are developed in our workshop in Germany and by the artist Bua Sazibimol, in Bangkok.

The figures are carefully hand-made in our partner workshop in Bangkok, Thailand.

All employees are fairly paid and enjoy a relaxed working atmosphere, in modern surroundings. The family business has been running for three generations, and attaches great importance to artistic commitment, further education and advanced art, graphics and design.

We are proud to have been partners for over 10 years. We enjoy a friendly and creative atmosphere whether on site in Thailand or in our workshop in Germany.

Sustainability is incredibly important to us. Our designs are inspired by nature, using mostly natural products and we aim for them to be entirely sustainable.

The Thai government has classified the manufacture as particularly worthy of support, due to it being a social project. This makes it easier to secure jobs and leaves room for innovation.

We are grateful for this fruitful, sustainable and reliable business relationship.

Our sales concept in Germany is focused on exclusive retail and direct sales.